Metroid returns to its 2D roots with Dread on Nintendo Switch

By Published On: June 16, 2021Categories: Gaming

With Metroid Prime 4 still very deep in development, it almost felt as if it would be forever before we’d see Samus on the Nintendo Switch. However Nintendo changed that tune with the announcement of Metroid Dread, which will arrive on October 8th.

Initially intended to release back in 2006 as a sequel to Metroid Fusion, the game will finally debut on Switch with a few new gameplay tactics in store, including the ability to turn invisible to robot enemies, who will hunt you over the course of this adventure. Of course, Samus also packs a lot of ammunition, just in case she feels the need for it.

The game will also get a special two-pack of Amiibo, featuring Samus and the E.M.M.I. robot hunter, as well as a special edition, pictured below. We can’t wait to dig into this one.

Check out the trailer and prepare for some holiday…Dread? Yep.

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