Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise

By Published On: June 13, 2021Categories: Gaming

The rumors have been confirmed surrounding Final Fantasy Origin today during Square Enix’s E3 Showcase. The game should be released 2022 Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC. Team Ninja will be working with Square Enix again in developing the game, which explains the Souls-like gameplay that we’ve seen in Nioh from the team before. The last time Team Ninja worked with Square Enix was in their popular release of Dissidia NT, so we can expect great things from this title.

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What we do know about the game is that its retelling the story of the first Final Fantasy. We see the Warrior of Light pairing with his team to take down Chaos and save the realm. However, along the way we see them run into a famous old friend we fans know and love, Garland. Garland is hindering the progress of these warriors by using the power of Chaos to increase his immense power. He was originally a warrior himself, but strayed from this path and teamed up with Chaos.

We are also getting a PlayStation 5 exclusive demo soon for those who can’t wait to play! In the meantime we can enjoy this beautiful yet angsty trailer to hold us over.

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