Elden Ring: First Gameplay Reveal

By Published On: June 11, 2021Categories: Gaming

Today something wonderful happens for all Souls fans across the globe. Finally, FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin have given players not only an end in sight but something tangible to watch and experience to keep players from going crazy. We got to enjoy some gameplay of the long-awaited Elden Ring and were given a release date of January 21, 2022. Though the date is a bit far off, I am overly excited after getting to watch this gameplay, and honestly rather have the development team take their time and not rush perfection. Elden Ring will be available on PC as well as current and last generation Xbox and Playstation, and Playstation Players will get their free upgrade from the PS4 to PS5.

We all know 2020 was an extremely rough year, not only for consumers but for developers too. Elden Ring was originally revealed in 2019 with little to no context and ongoing silence until today with a full-on trailer. I never in my life thought of a souls meets Game of Thrones, but now it’s everything I need in a game and I need more! I am excited about the little amount that I saw in terms of gameplay and visuals.

The graphics looked breathtaking in terms of keeping the Game of Thrones Style environment and keeping the classic FromSoftware Souls-like atmosphere. The game also still keeps the classic action RPG souls-like gameplay which is keeping veteran souls fans like myself at ease and extremely excited for the release. Yuka Kitamura will also be returning to the series, meaning we should have some breathtaking music from this game. Kitamura has been the composer for Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro, which both games had perfect soundtracks.

Some interesting things I found in this trailer are the fact that while some details seem different, they almost feel the same. Players will be tarnished instead of hollow when killed, and some of the characters in the game can either hinder or help you which gave me serious Patches flashbacks. I am also insanely excited that multiplayer back since Sekiro had none, and I have been in need of a new Sun-Bro squad since Dark Souls 3. Some new things brought to the game seemed very innovative for a souls-like action RPG which felt more Game of Thrones meets Witcher vibes. We now get a weather and time system, as well as a mount which also gave me serious Roach flashbacks. Either way, this trailer gave me nothing but high expectations and good feelings.

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