Classic Mario Party returns this October to Nintendo Switch with Superstars

By Published On: June 16, 2021Categories: Gaming

Sure, Super Mario Party is an instant hit with Nintendo Switch owners, but there are some players who prefer the classic style of how the series played, instead of requiring touch-screen controls and local players to go up against. Fear not, party goers, for Nintendo has heard your cries!

Today, during Nintendo’s E3 direct, the company revealed Mario Party Superstars, which will debut on the platform on October 29th. Rather than focusing on high-tech features like the previous game, this caters back to the Nintendo 64 era.

As the trailer below details, the game will feature five classic game boards from previous Mario Party titles, as well as over 100 minigames to choose from. Additionally, fans can choose between motion and push-button controls.

It’s also an excellent game when it comes to multiplayer. You can still take on friends locally, or you can hop online and take part in match-ups with people you don’t even know. So even if you’re going at it solo, you’re not stuck playing with just the AI (though that’s still an option in case you prefer it).

This looks like a fun throwback to the Mario Party days of old, so don’t miss out. Besides, it beats paying top-dollar for that copy of Mario Party 7 on the GameCube, doesn’t it…?

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