Buildings Have Feelings Too!

By Published On: June 12, 2021Categories: Gaming, Reviews

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A sassy build it game.

Buildings Have Feelings Too, an interesting title for this cute little game. In this world, all your buildings have feelings! This ranges from happy to sad, to emotionally devastated.

Start the game out as a small local building striving to help the neighborhood, turn it around into something beautiful and full of people. Walk through the tutorial led by your local grocer warehouse and apartment rentals unit to upkeep their health and happiness.

You’ll make mistakes, as any growing city does, you’ll build factories where they shouldn’t be and add in apartments where they will fit. Learning how to improve not only the amount of buildings you have, but the quality of those buildings.

Once you’ve gained your ‘street smarts’ (haha see what I did there), you’ll be able to buy new plots of land and expand your street into a new functional city! Create dock-works for your fishy warehouse workers, use the main street to pump groceries and local fine dining. Or crank up the jam and make it party city with pubs on every corner!

This game is simplistic and a great casual game for people who enjoy farming, upgrading and random coy remarks about the city they are creating and the weird misshaped buildings between them. You will go through a vast array of building styles and types, as we start from the Victorian Era and move all the way through to Modern Day. Expand your neighborhood and find your niche in the new economy.

Will you upgrade your city and have it rustling and bustling with business? Or will you crumble like the old uncared for bricks? Take your time in this game, as one wrong building could affect the entirety of the neighborhood. You know what they say, good neighbors make for great neighborhoods.

This game was a fun casual game to play
HarleChan Review Score: 6/10

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