Among Us

By Published On: June 12, 2021Categories: Editorials, Gaming

Road Map Updates and Cool Stuff

Among Us premiered at the Summer Games Fest with a slew of new updates coming over time, in no particular order.

Recently we had the update where we can use our accounts (Steam, Xbox, PS) in the game which saves on finding friends and picking a name. The airship was also one of the new maps to hit the scene.

With all the fun and excitement that Among Us brings to it’s player, the coming soon updates will allow for more… Friends… We have 15 player support coming out, so bigger lobbies means bigger liars. New colors coming in, new shades of blue, purple and green. As well as an overhaul on the graphics, just to shine it up a little bit and make it pretty.

Beyond that we have their future plans, like account linking. So with Among Us, if your like me and have it on every platform, you’ll be able to link your accounts! We’ve got achievements finally making their way into the game, as well as more console support. Console support will be coming soon, however they did not announce a day. We also have visor cosmetic updates happening, so there will be a ton of new visor cosmetics to choose from! (Including Geoff’s mask from the Game Fest Show). We have a new map coming out, with no hints as to what it could be like or where it could be.

And last but not least, HIDE N’ SEEK mode is being introduced to Among Us! A setting where you cannot see sh*t and you’ll get spooked once the killer finds you hiding beside the toilet. This could make for a lot of fun among the streamer communities that already love and abuse this game.

I know console players are still upset they have no date on when it’ll be coming, but good things come to those who wait! The game on Nintendo Switch is a wonderful addition and works on how it could be functional on the other consoles. Man, this would be a lot easier if we all had chat pads…. Too bad this didn’t happen on the 360/PS3 era.

Over all, Among Us has some amazing stuff in store and seems to be unending in their updates. So take a chance on the little game, maybe you’ll like secret murder.

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