3070 TI: Release Information

By Published On: June 5, 2021Categories: Gaming

The world of PC gaming has been turned upside down due to scalpers and COVID, not to mention the crash of Bitcoin that had already skyrocketed the pricing for GPUs. That being said, players have yet again a chance to obtain the new RTX 3070 Ti on June 10th from NVIDIA. Unfortunately, the 3080 Ti had a window on the 3rd, so that ship has long passed. If players want to try and beat the scalpers, sign up for notifications via NVIDIA and other sources. The GeForce RTX 3070 Ti will be only $499.99, and aside from Nvidia other retailers will also be selling such as Best Buy.

This GPU is high-end and based on the GA104, ensuring players will get to play all modern games anywhere between 2K and 4K resolution. The 3070 Ti will support ray tracing as well as variable-rate shading meaning games will look crisp and clear. It also has 8GB GDDR6X memory and will operate at 1575 MHZ. This performance compared to the 3070 is a significant boost. Even the clock speeds that were 12 GB/s for the 3070 are 19 for the 3070 TI. The memory bandwidth also jumped considerably from 320 GB/s to 603 GB/s. NVIDIA has stated it is a 1.5 performance boost for this new GPU compared to the last generation overall.

For players that want to get their hands on this beast, I recommend following updates by signing up for notifications on NVIDIA’s website. Also, frequently check places like TomsGuide for updates on the time releases and other places to buy like Newegg and Best Buy. It’s a race against scalpers but you may just get lucky and beat the bots! Good luck, and may the Force be with you all.

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