WarTales: E3 Reveal

Today during E3’s PC Show Case we got a stunning game reveal from Shiro called WarTales. This beautiful medieval strategy game will be available early access on Steam this year. Players will also have access to a playable demo during steams next festival from June 16th to the 22nd.

WarTales allows players to control a company that will travel throughout dangerous lands. It is the player’s job to keep them fed and paid while they encounter obstacles that are more life like than fantasy. The combat will be turn based but everything else will be survival and management. Players will also have access to train your mercenaries with different jobs, skills, and weapons.

This game will also feature interesting events such as the plague that will cause your party to go hungry and mad, as well as medieval churches and other groups. The enemies faced will be rogues and animals such as wolves, and all regions are open to travel in any way players want meaning this game is far from linear and will be bleak and life like.

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