Outer Worlds 2: E3 Reveal

Outer Worlds is a newer franchise with the first title that released October 25th 2019. While the first game is still fairly popular, today during E3’s Microsoft/ Bethesda showcase Outer Worlds 2 was announced! The sequel will be releasing on Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X. No release date is in sight, in fact the trailer itself joked that only the developers have the title figured out so far.

Outer Worlds is better known as one of Obsidians top action RPGs, and sends a deeper message for bashing capitalism. You play as a creatable character that awakens on a planet where their ship has crashed. You stumble upon a conspiracy against other fellow colonists of Halcyon. Players get to choose their own path, literally, with the help of unique companions from each world along the way. What made the first Outer Worlds so special is that players can choose how they want to play through the game, were it be shooting their enemies with a hefty flame thrower or shotgun, or stealth their way and avoid nearly all combat.

While we don’t know any information in regards to the story, what we do know from Obsidian is that it is the same Outer Worlds, but a new crew, new story, and new solar system. In addition to that information we have that very flashy title to look forward to. I can’t help but feel so much excitement and anticipation to see where the next game will take us. I do hope that they will keep the same style as to where you can play through the game however you want, in addition to killing whoever you want and change the game entirely.

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