Forza Horizon 5 hits the road this November

Man. We’re still working our way through the loaded circuit in Forza Horizon 4, but now we’re going to have to book a trip to Mexico this fall, as the fifth chapter in the series is already coming our way.

During today’s Microsoft E3 Showcase, the company revealed that Forza Horizon 5 will make its debut on Xbox platforms and Windows 10 PC starting on November 9th. Playground Games is once again handling development, even though the team is quite busy with the next chapter in the Fable series (as announced earlier this year). This appears to be the first game in the series designed with a next-generation engine in mind, so it’ll take full advantage of the Xbox Series S and X, as well as high-end PC’s.

The gameplay trailer below shows just what kind of terrain you’ll be covering in Mexico, from driving near the Grand Caldera volcano (they actually motion captured on one, believe it or not) to kicking your way up through a dust-filled desert. You also get to do so in a variety of vehicles, with many gorgeous cars that you’ll be able to drive over the course of your journey. Like previous Forza games, you’ll be able to challenge your friends in match-ups, or even just go for a fun drive in the outer reaches of the country.

The gameplay looks fantastic, running at 60 frames per second without missing any details. The setting t really shows off just how colorful Mexico is, right down to the smallest of architecture.

Oh, and there’s a new feature called the Events Lab, in which you can create your own neat gameplay experiences. This includes turning your car into a freakin’ bowling ball, knocking down pins as you go!

Check out the trailer below and get revved up for November.

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