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Playstation’s State Of Play May 27th 2021

Today PlayStation announced there would be some amazing game play reveals on the next STATE OF PLAY.
So here we are to cover the announcement!

We’ve got high hopes for Until Dawn 2 as well as New Horizon Forbidden West making a new splash this summer, new about Far Cry 6 has everyone on the edge of their seats. What is happening in State of Play, and what will PlayStation be bringing to E3?!

New Horizon Forbidden West, we were teased during the countdown of beautiful images detailing the world of New Horizon. Now we were given 14 minutes of gameplay from the PS5!
We start in a beautiful Jungle with Alloy, of course being Alloy, caring for people who have been attacked by raiders. We hear the machines scream in the background, letting us know that the raiders have machines on their side. Alloy makes her way into the woods, beautiful shines of green and blues, winds and detailed of spores throughout.
Wide shot to the first area of discovery, a beautiful city in deep ruins of the new world. Tall skyscrapers that have crumbled over time, and been consumed by the Earth. Cut to a raider, leading a pack of machine velociraptor type creatures, this is where Alloy first breaks into her new battle moves. Run, shoot, hide within the foliage, Alloy must escape these creatures.

Escaping the machines just barely, Alloy dives into the water, showing us a beautiful underwater scene of fish and corals as the movements of the waves reflect around the character. She makes her way back to shore, water beautifully dripping from her clothing as she searches for the remaining of the captured men. A tremor-tusk makes it way through the scene, controlled by the raiders. Alloy follows the raiders, listening to their plans on how to make their attack look like a random group of bandits.

Here we get more detailed combat scenes with Alloy and her bow, as well as some new movements. Overhearing the raiders going to the old bridge, we get an exclusive look at the the climbing capabilities as well as some new action prompts with Alloys bow. Using the machines that are around her, Alloy makes her way to the old bridge, which resembles San Francisco’s Golden Gate. Here we get a look into the new machines and their control schemes. New weapons, new creatures, new background music. A device was found, a map, showing us of a new land that will set into play the biggest storm Alloy has seen.

Alloy and the Blight

Will Alloy save herself and her friends from the blight, that is slowly taking over the world, or will we be knocked down yet another peg in the food chain.
This game in the short amount of time we have seen, is one of the most beautiful sequels we may ever see for a game. With the previous game, New Horizon, being GOTY as well as winning awards, we only have big hopes for the next installation of Horizon and Alloy.

We look forward to what PlayStation has to show us in June!

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