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Staying all too true to its canyon run roots. Comanche, stays the course as this classic style of the game takes a sharp and much-needed update to bring an old game into the near future with a great revamp and added touches to wanna take your jelly copter everywhere.


They took this game by the hand and gave it wonderful hair, did its nails. The whole 9 yards in other words this game was taken out of the ashes and made into a spectacle of dog fights in your fancy ole jelly copter, to downright one on one drone fights.

Take this kick-ass game for what it truly is, the “KING of Helio fighter games.” Almost 30 years of helicopter good-ness has been there for us to play and enjoy. For us to receive this now and that it gives you an almost “Deja Vu feeling” but looks fine as hell like damn girl! Whoa! It will have you maneuvering behind clouds into cover to avoid getting shot by a Firggete or gunboat flocks. Canyon walls and water all look astonishingly crisp, just adds to the amount of work they put into making this look majestic.

Taking a game that is old and making it something new can be truly daunting. Comanche and the HEROES at THQ Nordic accomplished just that. When this game was first released back in 1992, Little did we know that we would still be inside the pilot seat and going on runs from here to kingdom come. Speed on down all those years of great copter play to now, with modern graphics and controls and what do we have? A guy wishing he played and enjoyed this game a lot more when he younger but to see it in the way that it is now? Yess!! Yesssssss!!! Goood buddy yeee.


Drones that’s about it! we get to fly drones!!!! don’t freak, I mean just a little but they’re not that cool…. lies there amaze balls!!.

The drones all have different attachments to them and have secondary weapons that all come too in handy when getting ready to infiltrate an enemy base. Watch out when fighting as to not accidentally hit the X key and POP! goes the drone… one too many times this will happen so care!

Having drone fights in a game that is mainly about helio on helio action takes us to a new place of thinking that maybe just maybe, it all shouldn’t come down to outright dog fights and takes a more stealth and clever approach to things. Go here but this time get the drone and take out the radio tower or use the drone to knock out the power, hack a gate all the fun things you cant do while in the jelly copter. Drone usage is something more we should be seeing in games nowadays and soo glad that I get to fly one and do super-duper chill things with them.

Noobs will get better.

A difficult game is always fun to master and now you will have to test your abilities to fly and shoot are you up to it? “Sure as hell” is what I said and peeps listen.. LEARN TO AIM!! You thought you could shoot right? Try firing a rocket and machine gun and having to fend off other jelly’s and not turning on the auto-hover and or the assist key and be stuck where you are or camera shifts away to the cockpit. It’s ok to take your time to do it, again and again, it will work eventually. This is all Comanche asks of you is to try and be better than your last checkpoint.

For all those thinking there all hardcore and want a true challenge go and hit up CONFLICTS mode. This mode made me hate this game and almost toss my keyboard into the screen so yeah take it with a grain of salt, please… THERE ARE NO CHECKPOINTS AND WILL NEVER BE ANY!!! It is a one-and-done type of deal to give that real feeling of being on the edge of nothing or pure glory.

Comanche is a stupendous helicopter shooter and shall be testing my skills on the online bit of it soon. maybe ill see you there. jelly copter is the best way say Helicopter.

Much love, DEO.


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