Avalon love to siege you.

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As old man Deckard Caine says “Stay awhile and listen”, and that is what we should all be doing. A good book is always something we want when thinking of blankets and bay windows, rain falling softly on the lawn. How about a classic tale between good and bad? That chapter by chapter experience that will make you feel like you are immersed in a book, but it isn’t a book! It’s an RPG that will take you back to when you first played an RPG on your PC.

Time to read!

Siege of Avalon has withstood the test of time. It now stands among, other games as one the best story-filled games this man has played in a long time. As I started my journey into this epic tale, I found myself immersed in all the reading as the story unfolds. To give you a taste of what you can experience, here is a sample. “You arrive only to find out your brother Corvus has been sent on a scout mission to the nearby village overrun by the “Ahoul” and you set forth around the castle to collect information as to what has happened to him.”

Discover how dire conditions are inside the castle, that as recruits show up they do not have the necessary equipment for needed. I found all the updates that pop up along the way a great change of pace, instead of just adding another quest to my log. The game puts everything into a story format so those quests you do all flow and help you have a deeper feel of how Avalon’s life is during this siege.

Fight me… maybe.

First of all, that while this is not an easy game, it is also not very hard. It’s a happy medium of stealth, magic, and total brute strength. The first enemies I came to fight were giant beetles with nothing but a dagger that I found in a chest in one of the many rooms you search through.

Hit by hit I slowly took a beetle down, only for another to come around the corner as the first flees. I take chase only to pull two more and now I’m surrounded. I slay the first two. Down to half health, with two left on me, I may have crit one, I couldn’t tell as there are no in-game damage counters, but I one shotted it. I walked away with a tiny sliver of health for my reward of pie, when supplies are available again. Worth it is all can say, WORTH IT!!

I thought I was ready to venture forth to the village to begin my search for Corvus. Mistakes were made that day. The game will let you gather up armor and get yourself ready but it does tell you that the enemies out there are not giant beetles at all.

I was thinking this was just gonna be a cakewalk, but NOPE! My first true enemy was just outside the gate, and you know LEROYYY and all that… yeah my first hit lands and um, nothing happens! Hit after hit I’m getting owned. Time to flee, and as I scurry I see more and more of them now, and they’ve got a train after me. I get to a new area thinking they will reset, but this beautiful game said NOOOOOPE! Just go back the way you just came and low and behold, they were all still waiting for me. NO CHILL AT ALL! The reason I love this, however, is because it’s all part of the story.

Play and enjoy.

This has been a most enjoyable experience for me and I hope you take the time to read this amazing RPG. I’m so excited to finish this whole epic tale and pour all the frustrating hours running away and getting better pieces of armor to look like the true hero we are. This game has very classy armor pieces to help you look the way wanna look.

Take your time and read everything that this game has to offer, all of the NPCs are part of the game so click and click and learn about them. Most new games are put into an episodic format but that’s just it! An episode! So finish this and that’s it, same old song and dance.

Siege of Avalon gives all you could want from a game, a feeling of a reward check! Knowing why I’m doing this and not doing that because you “Have to” double-check!! The best part of all is getting such a rush of nostalgia. Well worth all the time your gonna be putting into it.

Wish it had dmg numbers but I can see how it would take away from the story. Grrrreat game!!


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