Heroes of the storm?

DISCLAIMER: To those that choose to play this great, such spice and juice flowing game. I come to you with a heavy heart that this is not for new players yearning for a new MOBA to suffice their ever-growing bloodlust. This once great nay! Magnificent and brilliant game used to be a ballet of team fights and objective taking with fights betwixt the lanes has now been reduced to a game of backing out of fights and worrying about self-preservation. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! (yes I know the game is free) is all I can say.

history time.

6 years of game time is how long I have logged into this game, I was one of the few to still play and have the same account since Alpha, and boy it’s annoying that it has an effect on my overall standings due to this game doing a 2.0 swap back in 2017 ( the original game was getting too big and we needed more)…. we had all the promise in world E-sports deals, a way to break into the majors by being a nobody HGC!! Make a team, get good, compete, climb, and make it to glory!! then nothing all gone puff but yet the community persevered and carries on with small events and trying to get the competitive scene going back to the golden days.

a great game.

Thank you for getting past my little rant…it’s just been a rough time, getting used to new players changing and playing a way that cuts into the game that they oversee and should always have in mind.

This game is beautiful bar none for MOBAS, I think it does that is, the number of settings will allow most players to use all the ragdoll effects and see the maps and heroes with a crisp feel.

Loads almost a boatload, I would say of all the toons to choose from all the different Blizz games. The Nexus will break you and can make you a champion. The A.I. mode is a great way to try new heroes that are new to your roster and or you want to perfect your aim. TRY IT!

Another reason to play is for the mere fact that you get to be all the most amazeballs heroes known to all Blizzkind. Also so many skins and fun mounts to match all your silly outfits!

Lanes and The Map.

Watch the lanes and your mini-map and look for the little heads if they’re gone…it might be a gank and you need to ping and call out to your teammate before they get the ax…. this is going to be all too common a situation for you when navigating around.

The mini-map is your best friend and should always be reading it. The map will tell you when enemies are not visible thus prompting caution or action depending on your teammates’ location and time of travel to get to said location.

Laning is essential until you get a high enough in team Lvl to just go and raffle stomp the other team. be mindful of what the team is doing and adjust to what’s happening, try not to stay to a lane when the team is just getting slain. You might be thinking why? well, it’s a team game, and as a team, magic happens.

HOTS has 15 maps that are going to be a blast to get to know, two or three-lane maps are what we’re working with all with a different objective that ranges from capping a dragon or unleashing the Horde. They all rotate around so you’re never playing the same maps.

Best hidden mechanic.

Now we have come to the best and single truly a most satisfying thing, about this game is NEVER EVER I MEAN NEVER GIVE UP!!! Sorry for that, HOTS is the only game where you can be just getting turned into last week’s tuna surprise but fret not mon amis. We saved the best for last ready for the secret???? One fight can turn the whole game around… how you ask?? well after 20 the game no longer has talents so everything you have done to this point is it your quest and or damage…. it all just scales and scales. So pick up your heads and never stop fighting in the Nexus!

All and all this game will make you rage but it’s so great to play with a good team and just have fun. Take it game by game. I will see you soon in the Nexus.

8/10 for me only due to my personal play style.

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