Pacific Rim: The Black Review

By Published On: March 28, 2021Categories: Gaming

Pacific Rim: The Black by Brandon Campbell is available to watch today on Netflix. Whether you loved the movies or hated the movies this animated series is a story all on its own. This show takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions while keeping the tone comedic and fun. It was definitely a much-needed reboot to the series of movies. 

The story follows the lives of Taylor and Hayley Travis after the Kaiju have ravaged Australia. Their parents, who are copilots of their own Jaeger, go out to try to find help to bring the people living there to somewhere safe away from all of the Kaiju. Fast Forward 5 years later and they have a thriving community in their hideaway. Hayley grew up to be a rebellious teenager always looking for a way out and Taylor grew to be a super-serious Teenager always looking to keep his sister out of trouble. When a Kaiju finds their camp they find a Jaeger that was hidden from the world and use it to search for their parents and survive the danger of The Black. They soon find out that the worst danger in the Black is not always the Kaiju. 

As is prevalent in shows like this it is a little predictable. You can pretty much guess what’s going to happen next as the episodes roll on. There were a few surprises that I wasn’t expecting and it led to a show I just couldn’t stop watching. (Literally watched all episodes in one night) I found myself wanting more when it was over. The show really spent time developing the characters and you can see their personalities evolving as they are dealing with the world crisis and the emotions within. 

Personally, I would watch this again and I hope there is a second season. I thought it really was better than the movies as a whole. Granted the movies didn’t have time to flesh everything out and the show also leaves quite a few questions unanswered it was an entertaining binge session I’m more than happy to do again. If you have a love of Kaiju and Mecha I definitely recommend giving this show a try!

DVS Rating 8.5/10

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