Metamorphosis: PlayStation 4 Review

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Metamorphosis is a first-person puzzle and platforming adventure game. It was developed by Ovid Works and published by All In! Games in August of 2020. The game was inspired by the mind of Franz Kafka, a groundbreaking novelist and short story writer from the 20th century. The game is based on his novel The Metamorphosis which was published in 1915. This game was absolutely beautiful, and the game itself was overall a great experience. However, there were some issues that I will further explain for my rating on it.


What’s the Story Here?

You play as a man named Gregor, a great salesman and friend of Josef, who awakens after a celebratory night out to find himself changing into a bug. You set out on an adventure to figure out why this transformation happened, only to also discover your best friend is being arrested for unknown purposes and a whole new underground society of bugs that work for the same corporation. Throughout the game you encounter puzzles, twists, and turns of an unknown world, and discover yourself and what truly matters. You’ll find yourself in a lot of predicaments, and making new allies along the way. In the end, you’re left with ultimately a choice that tests your true nature.


The Good and the Bad

This game was extremely aesthetically pleasing to journey through. I absolutely loved the art style, and the graphics were breathtaking not only in the human world but also in the insect world as well. The game really captivated the time setting as well visually. I also very much enjoyed the gameplay aspects of this game. The platforming was very well done in a way that made you guess where you could and could not climb. There was no clear direction other than you paying attention to the dialogue and making sure you explored every nook and cranny of every area. The collectibles would be hidden in the most obscure places, and none of the bugs that you needed to speak to really stuck out, and all of them on some level were interactive. This made exploration worthwhile which is extremely important in most action games and platformers.


My issues with this particular game actually lied with the story and the performance. Short games like these mostly rely on two things, gameplay or story. This one had great gameplay, however, in this particular case, it was laid out to be more story-driven. It was not like most mindless platforms because it had that touch of action-adventure. The way the game was designed made it heavily reliant on the experience, but the story was made so obscurely and you did not really form any relation or bond with the character. It was pretty much a case of talking to fellow bugs that would say go here and do this, but no emotion behind the main character or back story revealed. The other issue for me was performance, though bear in mind it could mostly be the platform that this was played on. The load times I expected due to playing on the Playstation 4 Pro, however, the frame rate drops, and the game freezing was something not expected. The frame rate would often crash after loading, finding collectibles, talking to NPCs, and just running or jumping on various platforms. The game would also every now and again freeze up forcing me to restart the game. Upon researching this seems to have been a common problem for most consoles.


Is This Buggy Game Worth It?

I do highly recommend the game despite some issues. It’s an overall satisfying and short experience. Short games are sometimes a godsend for those with little time, and who doesn’t love a platformer fix? I overall enjoyed this game and even took the time to platinum it. I only hope to see more similar and improved work from this developer in the future.

DVS Score: 6/10

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