End of Wit – Jessica Walter

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The Passing of an Iconic Woman

Jessica Walter, the mean Queen of the silver screen. More famously known for her roles in Arrested Development and Archer, she was never the nice girl on screen. This is what we loved about Jessica Walter, she would turn down the average female role for someone she could truly act for. Bringing her genuine self to the screen offered a new look into female-led roles for the generation to come.

Jessica was always rough around the edges actor, leaning towards roles where she could give out tough love instead of teary-eyed performances. Her motherly role on Arrested Development allowed for her to truly shine in the acting style she loved. Jessica Walter could make you laugh with a roll of her eyes, the disdain almost a taste. Her sarcasm and wit will always be remembered on and off-screen if you had the lucky chance of meeting her.

Friends of Jessica always report how much of a true sweetheart she is, how she loved without walls. How she was sweet, caring, and a general goofball when it came to friends and family. Jessica’s daughter gave us a lovely Twitter post quote ” “It is with a heavy heart that I confirm the passing of my beloved mom Jessica,” Walter’s daughter, Brooke Bowman. “A working actor for over six decades, her greatest pleasure was bringing joy to others through her storytelling both on-screen and off. While her legacy will live on through her body of work, she will also be remembered by many for her wit, class, and overall joie de vivre.” ”

The truth is in the writing, as many people flood Jessica’s Twitter with remembrances of love and laughter. Some tough love is what some people need, and who better to hand it out than Jessica Walter. From her early roles in her debut film Lilith to her starring role in Ironside’s Spinoff Amy Prentiss. Jessica’s acting could not be faltered, taking her attitude and love of unusual characters to the screen, showing us that not all women want to be saved.

Walter earned an Emmy nomination for supporting actress and two Screen Actors Guild nominations for her standout work as Bluth on Arrested Development. She had previously won an Emmy for her title character role in the 1974 police drama Amy Prentiss.

Play Misty For Me

Jessica Walter was also up for an award for her role in Play Misty For Me. This psychological thriller produced and written by Clint Eastwood. Jessica takes her acting to a new level at this point, as she portrays a young woman enthralled with Clint Eastwood’s character. Jessica’s character Evelyn stalks and vandalizes Clint Eastwood character’s life and home. When Clint’s character rejects her, she attempts suicide and is sent to a psychiatric home to help her come to terms with her mental well-being. A wonderful psychological thriller that should have won both Clint and Jessica awards. They were up for nominations, however.

With so many ways of remembering Jessica, we will always have her smart, sarcastic attitude live on through the films.

Here’s a couple of quotes from Mallory in Archer that just scream Jessica.

“Don’t just sit there sweating like a gigantic cheese, do something!”

“Do you want ants? Because THAT’S how you get ants”

Don’t let Jessica down, don’t sit there sweating. Do something!

We will always remember Jessica Walter for her contribution to the Film Industry.

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