GameStop Selling PC Hardware?!

GameStop has announced and launched its new endeavor and is selling computers and computer parts. That’s right you read that correctly. GameStop has launched a new page on its site offering PC hardware, desktops, and laptops for your gaming needs.

Motherboards, PSUs, and even 3000 series GPUs will now be available to purchase online from Of course, most of the items are currently unavailable on the site but some have dates as early as April 16 for availability. When it comes to pricing. however, even GameStop does seem to be cutting everyone a break and is running pricing closer to MSRP. GameStop is trying its best to offer more to its customers in trying to encompass all types of gaming from console to Mobile and the next stop of course was PC. 

Did GameStop make the right move? At a time when parts are scarce was it really a good idea to add a new distributor? Currently, there’s no guarantee that any new merchandise sold by GameStop will not be immediately purchased by bots or scalpers as well as there doesn’t seem to be a way to mitigate the current problems with online purchasing with them around. No answer from GameStop at this time if they will be offering these items in-store in addition to their online collection as most things seem to be labeled online only on the new webpage. There does seem to be an option to purchase online and pick up at your local GameStop which makes me think at least some of the items will be available on location for purchase as well.

Many stores have turned to e-commerce to help increase sales and GameStop is no different. Especially with the lockdown fresh in the mind (and wallets) of most retailers anyway they can increase profits without increasing the money doled out in adding brick and mortar location is a welcome addition. All in all, GameStop will not be throwing in the towel so soon and plans to compete and grow as the years go on.

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