Heroes of Hammerwatch review – pixel battle madness

By Published On: January 26, 2021Categories: Gaming

Considering that the indie market is rife with games right now, you might have missed out on a 2017 gem called Hammerwatch. This retro-styled adventure game hit all the right notes with its initial release, and found a pretty strong following within the indie community. Well, if that one didn’t get your attention, then its follow-up, Heroes of Hammerwatch, certainly should.

Like the original game, Heroes attains the same pixelated art style that makes it work so well with retro gamers and newcomers alike. However, at the same time, it also has you taking on waves of enemies in the hopes of scoring loot, while working alongside three friends in online co-op. It expands its universe really well, and is worth playing as you begin to settle into the dog days of fall.

It’s All About the Looting

Heroes of Hammerwatch begins on the most basic of principles, with general weapons to use and a little bit of progression as you carry along. However, as you get your hands on more loot (relax, there’s more than enough to go around), you’ll be able to unlock new gear and progress even further. However, as you get stronger, so do your enemies. And you’ll need to work closely with your allies in order to survive the next wave.

It looks tiny, but Heroes of Hammerwatch packs on a whole bunch of content.

The game can be played solo, in case you don’t really have friends to depend on. However, it’s a bit of a struggle doing so, as this was built with co-op in mind. It does do great for practice, though, so it doesn’t help to get a headstart there.

Once you do, though, inviting friends into the fray and taking on adversaries is a ton of fun. It’s great to work together and clean house while looting up and becoming more and more powerful. What’s more, you can make your way through the game to get New Game +, where a true challenge awaits. And there’s DLC on the way, which should add further to the adventure. (No word on whether it’s free or paid content yet, but it’s likely worth it either way for fans of the series.)

The game plays really well, with a battle system that’s easy to adapt to and gameplay options galore, with more than one way to progress. That really opens up the personable customization, making your character feel more like your own. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The Visuals Pop To Life

Along with a solid gameplay system, huge progression options and replay value, Heroes of Hammerwatch expands upon the presentation of the original. The pixel-based graphics are wonderful, popping to life while never really stretching beyond their means with slowdown or anything like that. The developers at Crackshell really did a fundamental job capturing the old-school nature of the game, while at the same time giving a fresh approach that works really well here.

Needless to say, things get explosive in this game.

The sound is equally nice, with great sound effects and music that play along with each battle you get into. Pop on a pair of headphones and soak in that soundtrack!

The real question some players might have is, “Can I enjoy Heroes of Hammerwatch even if I didn’t play the original?” The answer is yes. It’s a highly adaptive game that works for fans and newcomers alike, although, again, it’s best if you have a battle group in tow alongside you. Single player is good for practice, though.

A Battle Worth Enduring

With a solid presentation, fun progressive gameplay and lots of replay value with options and New Game +, Heroes of Hammerwatch is worth sinking your teeth into. All that’s left to wonder is what the developers will do with the franchise next.

RATING: 8/10

Heroes of Hammerwatch proves to be a worthy successor to the 2017 indie fave.

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