Among Us: Small Game, Big Fun

By Published On: January 27, 2021Categories: Editorials, Gaming

Let’s get this started then! What can we say about this beast of a game, for starters: USER BEWARE!!

This game is not for the weak-hearted and big ego headed peeps. One moment you could be minding your own damn business just doing your tasks, not a single worry on your mind other than just to my task, get it done and move on to the next. Little did you know that around the corner could be your buddy blue, red or maybe….just maybe its the sneaky sneak known as the IMPOSTER.

The three maps that will lead to your DEMISE!

So you have chosen your first map and it so happens to be: MIRA HQ, POLUS, or the all time champ of a map THE SKELD. Be wary of those you trust and have a little more trust in those you don’t.


Here, we have the map for your enjoyment also this will be the only map I put here, cant give away the game to you all in one go now can I?

The Skeld is the classic go to map when you think of this game. The layout is simple and pleasing to the mind no big things to think about when navigating your way whilst not trying to get lost. Remember “giant circle” and almost everything should be just fine I hope…. moving on, this map is where most of your games of Among Us will be played since its the easiest and most fun to get into game after game. my recommendations about this map are as follows:

  1. Stay as close to someone as possible.
  2. Check security for cams and admin for players on the map.
  3. Always (and I mean always) try to avoid long periods in electrical. Peeps be thinking you are nothing but SUS!
  4. This is no way in fact going to increase your win rate. Enjoy the game and make it your own.

Mira HQ and POLUS the two maps you will or wont play.

This is no way saying these two maps are bad in any way whatsoever. It just so happens that they are just way more challenging for other players thus making it harder to get into games with either map chosen. With no doubt id play a lot more of these two awesome maps if more games could be available.

Mira HQ might have the shortest task list but it also has a lot of corridors with doors and vents that make it easier for you to feel the icy cold hand of death brought to you by the local IMPOSTER-MAN. Truly, if you play this map, its wicked fun and you will have a blast just be ready to wait airlocks.

Polus, the Big BOI map if you want to spend all of your time trying to find a killer and not be killed, then you have come to the right place. This map has it all for you. Airlocks that change every time you need to open the doors? Check! Lava pit for all your warming needs, holes to look at and wonder why? I mean I know why, but still, just run from them. The IMPOSSTERINO will come out if you’re not attentive to your surroundings.


Hey you! YEAH! You, the sly guy there by the vent, how you doing? I see that you just vented over there and now you’re walking away like it was nothing, right? WRONG!! You have been spotted and now an emergency meeting has been called. What do you do? Honestly, take the L, buddy. That’s it, game over, try next time. Good thinking there using the vent.

For all my “NIGHT STALKER” wannabes out there, use those vents to get away to get ahead of your next victim, or just to look inconspicuous to not get caught and plan that next step into the darkness. Imposter is the best role to get if you enjoy being a con and the best liar you can be. Make them not know that you’re the one killing everyone, and always push blame onto those who were nearby. Kill or be killed is the point, so my little monsters out there, get to slaying and have fun.

Now for the real warning !!!!PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Be careful when playing with friends or (soon to be) ex-friends.

This last part is to all that wanna play with group of friends and have a great time. Yay, SOOO much fun, right? How did it go? Were you the IMPOSTER? Did you lie about slaying your best friend and are now plotting to take out the next one in a certain order as they have killed you in prior games? No? That’s just me? Well okay then. So yeah, this game makes you think on the darker side of things. But hey, it’s fun! Enjoy this great game and play lots and lots of games until you have your own way fooling the fools.

One more thing, they’re coming out with a new map soon and we will continue our journey to catch the imposter and toss them out! THE AIR SHIP MAP!

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