Mega Modz PlayStation 4 controller review: perks make all the difference

By Published On: July 12, 2020Categories: Gaming

When it comes to owning a controller, people usually like the default options provided by first-party companies, mainly because they’re both dependable and affordable. But there are also companies out there that offer modified third-party models, featuring modifications to improve performance in a number of other areas, such as remappable buttons and even additional buttons for extra functionality.

This is where Mega Modz comes in. It’s a company that provides modified controllers for some additional cost but makes up for it with extra built-in features. For instance, the PlayStation 4 controller they sent us for review includes two rear buttons, so that you can save your thumbs the wear and tear on the face buttons – or maybe even as additional triggers, in case you want to give your fingers a break. But is the extra cost worth it…?

Building your own controller

The first step to making your own controller is setting up your design on the Mega Modz page. The company already offers a number of pre-made ones, including the outer space-themed one we chose to review. From there, you can add extra custom parts, including colored D-pad and face buttons, along with other features. The control sticks can’t be changed completely in color, but the insides can match up with whatever design you wish, to add that extra flourish for a few dollars more.

Yes, we got funky with our design.

From there, you can decide which mods you want to be put into the controller. These include trigger locks for more refined handling of fire and aim buttons with first-person shooters; or the aforementioned remappable buttons, in case you want to put a certain move somewhere than originally intended. You can also ask for the additional buttons to be installed, right alongside the grips on the rear of the controller. They’re actually handier than you might think, especially if you want to give those worn down trigger fingers a break.

Some functions are easier to put onto the PS4 controller than the Xbox One, if only because of Microsoft’s somewhat stern build designs for its devices. Still, the features available here are pretty nice, no matter which console you want to go for. Hopefully, we’ll see the team expand into Switch Pro Controller territory fairly soon, as we know a few fans that would love those.

Handles like a charm

For the most part, Mega Modz’ take on the custom controller handles just as nicely as the routine PlayStation 4 pad. The analog sticks had no trouble when it came to making our character perform their actions on-screen; and the buttons, even with the changed-out color design, were just as smooth as the previous ones. The only real difference with the parts is that the D-pad is slightly “mushier” than the regular edition, though it still performs reasonably well.

As far as the mods go, they’re up to par. The rapid-fire mod should be ideal for those that want to get some additional firepower going within their games (if it’s not already an option available by default); and the rear buttons work admirably, though there are times that the button fell off a couple of times during some rough-and-tumble sessions. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to re-apply and get back into the game.

As for the build itself, it’s solid, with the designed shell holding together on the controller very nicely. And with the different designs available, you should have no trouble finding something your speed.

The rear buttons are small but very effective.

Regarding cost, the Mega Modz PS4 controller can set you back somewhere around $150 or so, depending on the model and the mods you choose to install into it. That may be somewhat steep for some, but Mega Modz backs their controllers with top-notch performance and service, so you’ll have no trouble staying on top of your game.

We haven’t had a chance to see the Xbox One model in action just yet. However, judging by what others say, the new analog sticks put onto the Xbox One Elite pads are somewhat strong. We’ll have to see what’s offered down the road.

Mega Modz is a mega improvement

While there are other controllers on the market to choose from, Mega Modz’ PS4 pad is a good choice for those looking to get the most out of their games. The addition of mods is rather cool, particularly when it comes to the rear buttons; and a good portion of the build is strong and sturdy, backed by customer service as needed. Plus, the designs are really cool, as you can see on the company’s main page.

If you’ve got a few extra bucks set aside and want a controller that really gives you your money’s worth, this is a Mega choice for your peripheral collection.

RATING: 8/10

A tad high on price, but Mega Modz includes enough features in its controllers to make it worthwhile.

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