Biped Nintendo Switch review: walk this way

By Published On: July 11, 2020Categories: Gaming

You have to admire a developer that knows how to put a great co-op experience together – especially these days when people are looking for more games to play locally since they’re stuck inside. This is where NEXT Studios’ charming Biped comes in, a fun little adventure where you guide a pair of robots through a series of puzzles, activating switches, destroying crates, and performing other tasks.

The game can be played solo as well, so you don’t necessarily need a partner to conquer everything that Biped has to offer. Still, it helps, and adds a level of creativity to the game, along with the other cool items that you can unlock. But with its short length, does Biped run out of steam before it gets started?

A Unique Control Scheme

One benefit that makes Biped stand out from its competition is its extraordinary control scheme. It does take some slight getting used to, as you use the analog sticks to move each leg of your robot. You can also slide around some surfaces, though generally, you’re going to be doing a lot of jerking to walk. (Don’t take that the wrong way.)

What an adorable little hero. And he gets around.

It’s a swell idea; and after a minute of practice or so, it really pays off for the game. You really feel the natural movement of your character; and the thrill of executing something the right way after a few tries is definitely there. I was pleased with the end result here.

The game separates single-player levels and co-op levels, so you don’t feel stuck if you have just one option and not the other. Both are worth checking out, as you can collect coins throughout and use them to unlock some fun cosmetics for your characters. It’s not every day you see a wonky little robot wearing a chicken hat, after all.

That said, Biped does come up a little short in replay value. There’s the single-player game and the co-op game, but that’s really about it. This would’ve benefitted from a New Game+ with even more challenging levels. Without it, Biped comes to a close all too soon.

A Charming, If Slightly Flawed, Presentation

Another benefit that Biped brings is an overall set of charming visuals. The level design is excellent and really stands out, with a variety of locales and terrain to visit and conquer. What’s more, the animations are cute; and it’s fun seeing some of the little effects that take place. But there are times that the graphics can stutter a little bit, with smoothness suffering as a result.

Co-op is surprisingly fun in Biped.

The sound is equally entertaining. The music is a nice selection of tunes that fit the characters; and the effects are right on cue. And the game isn’t weighed down by annoying voices either. These lead characters speak volumes as it is.

A Short But Sweet Little Journey

If you’re the sort of person looking for a prolonged game experience that’ll last a few days, well, Biped isn’t it. However, if it’s an inventive and fun single-player or co-op game you want to burn a few hours with – and you just need to get a cowboy hat in-game to call your own – then it’s a fitting game to hit the road with.

RATING: 7.5/10

It’s a bit short on game length, but Biped has its moments for single players and co-op teams.

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