Fury Unleashed Xbox One review: comic zone

By Published On: June 1, 2020Categories: Gaming

For those of you that get into the classic run and gun style of games – but want a little bit of roguelike to keep things interesting – you’re bound to find something to truly enjoy from Awesome Games Studio’s Fury Unleashed.

A game that brings memories of classics like Metal Slug and Contra brimming back to the surface, Fury works better than most examples in the genre thanks to several layers of uniqueness. Not only is there a sharp structure for the action at hand, but also an interesting story that deals with the creation of a comic that keeps it from straying too far into the predictable. It might be a bit tough for some, but those that keep their Fury in check will find a good time with this indie release.

Let the Fury Commence

In the game, you portray a soldier that’s fighting their way through a number of randomized levels, each with particular themes. The goal is to eliminate as many enemies as possible while making your way to the exit, blasting away and dodging obstacles like giant saws (always giant saws!) to stay in one piece.

Yeah, watch your step in this room.

Fury Unleashed benefits from a smooth control style, one that works quite well with this sort of game. Shooting is handled quite well, and the number of physical abilities – including an air dash – are helpful when it comes to going from point A to point B. You can also pick up additional weapons and other items to help along the way.

But, should you die, you’ll need to start all over again. That can definitely be a bit frustrating, but you’ll unlock new perks along the way, which you can keep even with permadeath happening. It allows for a slow and steady build-up with each new run you take on, eventually bringing you to the final showdown to wrap things up neatly.

The game is definitely on the tough side. However, there are additional difficulty levels to tinker with, though you likely won’t unlock everything playing on easy. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have options if Fury is beating you up too much, right?

A Worthwhile, If Not Overwhelming, Presentation

Considering its indie nature, Fury Unleashed doesn’t go overboard on its presentation. But then again, it doesn’t really need to.

The comic-style presentation is really nice, as you can read the information on your character and even your animator as the story goes on. There’s also an easily accessible map to turn to; and the levels themselves are a cinch to navigate and figure out. Fury also benefits greatly from good animations, as well as some nifty boss and level design.

Sound-wise, the game doesn’t go too far over the top. But the effects are good; and the background music does keep the action going, even if it’s not quite as memorable as Contra’s themes.

There’s Something To Unleash Here

While Fury Unleashed isn’t the longest game out there, it has a lot working in its favor. The goods you can unlock are excellent, including secondary perks that open up with ink collecting; as well as challenges that you can try to complete as fast as possible. Having leaderboards to track your progress doesn’t hurt either. And you can throw a second player into the mix at any time, making for some fun co-op sessions.

Yeah, this guy is pissed.

Throw in a presentation that’s right up there with some of the best indie shooters around, along with gameplay that doesn’t grow dull, and you have a game that is sure to “unleash” your best shooting abilities. What Fury Unleashedlacks in the long-term, it more than makes up for with good old-fashioned action. Fans will enjoy diving into this one time and time again, just to see what they can unlock – and what havoc they can, ahem, “unleash.”

RATING: 8/10

A solid shoot-em-up roguelite that stands proudly alongside others in the genre, Fury Unleashed is worth adding to your collection.

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