Slayin 2 Nintendo Switch review: killin’ it

By Published On: May 12, 2020Categories: Gaming

When transitioning a franchise that originally debuted on mobile to console, some developers may face scrutiny, especially if the gameplay itself doesn’t change. However, in some cases, bringing the experience to a new format can help it flourish – like with Pixel Licker’s Slayin 2.

This game looks surprisingly simple at first, with a knight simply wiping out enemies across two different planes on each level. However, there’s a deeper strategy here, along with a slew of content to unlock and the ability to play along with a friend. There’s a lot more to this knight’s tale than you might expect – and it makes for a rather engaging adventure, especially given the game’s discounted price.

Slayin Em

The game has a simple gameplay system that works wonders. Your knight already has their weapon drawn, so all you have to do is walk left and right and switch across the two planes, and walk right into them. They’ll be hit automatically, leaving a little bit of loot in their wake. But you have to work quickly, or one of the planes can easily become overwhelmed with enemies.

The boss battles totally, um, slay.

They also change over time, adding a degree of difficulty to the proceedings. Some fly, forcing you to jump and strike them. Others can’t be hit from the front, so you have to attack from behind. And then there are bosses, who are fairly easy to figure out but still put up a heck of a fight.

You also have a special attack that you can unleash, a sword swipe that can wipe out several opponents at once. It’s charged, mind you, so you’ll have to wait several seconds to use it. You’ll want to time these attacks so that they work in the best way possible.

It takes a little bit of practice – and it’s different from your usual hack-and-slash adventure – but Slayin 2 becomes quite addictive. What’s more, you can bring a friend along for the ride in two-player co-op, in case you’re feeling a little competitive.

Gear Up and Discover

For a simply designed adventure, Slayin 2 has a huge amount of depth. You can level up your knight accordingly, as well as improve towns that you come across, recruit new help, and improve your weaponry. It can take a little while to get there, as the game’s progression takes a while to get into. Once you’re there, though, the game pays your patience off handsomely.

Not only that, but there are different modes to explore. The Story mode, while not overwhelming in-depth, offers a nice touch over what the original Slayin lacked. And the Arcade mode is a treat, for those of you that just want to jump in and, um, slay, I suppose.

An Easygoing Presentation

No, Slayin 2 isn’t as complex in design as FDG’s previous Monster Boy game. But it does have its charms. The visuals look like something out of the Capcom 80s era, right down to the cute animations and overhead map. And the colors really brighten things up across each stage, even if the general two-plane design remains the same.

The visuals definitely pour on the charm.

The in-game music has its charm as well, representing a product out of the SNES era. It’s not entirely memorable, but it’s fun to listen to as you mow down enemies like grass. The sound effects are somewhat minimal, but, hey, it’s forgivable for a game such as this.

So Much To Slay, So Little Time

While Slayin 2’s design may not look like much at first, it’s well worth a chance. The whole mobile-to-Switch transition may not be for everyone, but Pixel Licker (great developer name, by the way) does wonders with the game. The modes and unlockable content will keep you busy for hours, and this is an ideal experience for you and a buddy on the couch. The presentation is right out of the old school as well. When it comes to an adventure that gives you some bang for your buck, Slayin 2 is a killer choice.

RATING: 8/10

Slayin 2 provides a deeper combat-based experience that is better than you might expect.

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