SamuTale Offers Just the Right Open-World Sandbox Survival MMO Action Players Need Right Now

By Published On: May 6, 2020Categories: Gaming

Let’s say that you want to give MMO games a try, but you’re not really feeling the whole “pick a wizard or spellcaster” business like that. Anyone can go and throw spells around like nobody’s business, right? Ah, but what if you were…a samurai?

You know what samurai are, right? You’ve seen the Akira Kurosawa films like Seven Samurai. They’re bad-ass and built for survival. So, having them in an RPG would certainly make for something interesting. Well, MapleMedia has been doing that for some time with SamuTale, and it’s just the game MMO players need, especially now that they’re stuck indoors.

A Whole New World To Conquer

SamuTale features a stunning 3D open-world sandbox, with a world ripe for exploration and conquering. It’s here that you can loot resources to use to better your own homeland, while at the same time hunting for animals and banishing evil across the game’s different distinct provinces, in which there are five in all.

Crab approved.

As you build yourself up, you’ll find a number of different quests available, each with their own valuable rewards as you level up. This will also open up possibilities within SamuTale, as you see different weapon and equipment choices available, as well as different storylines within the game’s lore.

But the game’s also about general growth as well, and not just built around combat. When you’re not taking on the forces of evil, you can take the time to do a little farming, and even work on crafting things to make for a better life. What’s more, you don’t have to go it alone, as you can invite friends to join you over the course of your journey. Maybe you can even make your own “seven samurai,” ehhhhhh?

It All Starts Somewhere

You begin in the land of Kushiro with making a village from the get-go, either on your own or with friends. From there, it really begins to open up to you, as you explore new stories, meet new characters, and take on challenges you might not have seen coming. 

And you don’t have to be cooperative against fellow players, either. SamuTale is built with PvP in mind, as you have the ability to fight your adversaries and loot any foes you take down in the process. It can be a rough world, but one ripe with rewards – if you’re a good enough samurai, of course.

When you’re not being super-combat infused, SamuTale also opens up possibilities with increasing the growth of your world. This includes breeding livestock like chickens and other animals, as well as growing crops to make your homeland thrive. This will help you in the long run if you need food for yourself or the friends that you haven’t thrown a fight to just yet.

Take that, you…dummy!

There’s also a full-blown forge. It’s here that you can create items for yourself, ranging from equipment for your character to the furniture. Here’s your chance to make that badass couch you always wanted for your home.

An Acquired Taste, But Worth Time For Fans of the Genre

SamuTale is a game that takes dedication and time to get the most out of, as with any MMORPG experience. However, MapleMedia has gone to great lengths to pack it with content, whether you’re engaging in combat, gathering resources, creating the farm and village of your dreams, or helping others – friends and otherwise – in a time of plight. You can check out more of the game on its official page and watch the latest trailer below. If it’s a deep, rewarding experience you’re into, then SamuTale might just be worth shining up your sword for.

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