Jay and Silent Bob Are Hitting Nintendo Switch Next Week, and You Fans Should Be Excited

By Published On: April 30, 2020Categories: Gaming

If you’ve never heard of Jay and Silent Bob, well…what’s wrong with you?! The duo has been making the rounds since Clerks in the ’90s, and have even gone on to star in their own headlined films, including the recently released Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. And now, snootch to the mother f’n nootch, they’re coming to video games.


Today, Interabang Entertainment announced that Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl will make its way to Nintendo Switch and PC next Thursday, on May 7. With that, a new trailer has been revealed, with a fun little rap number to boot.

The game looks to channel the energy of the classic favorite River City Ransom (remember bad guys barfing up coins?!), but with that Kevin Smith-esque touch, featuring familiar characters and locations. They’ll take on a rival rent-a-cop and his off duty officers as they battle their way out of the mall. It’s like the Mallrats game we always wanted — for those of you that wanted one, anyhoo.

Don’t miss this mall brawl

Available for pre-order here for Switch and here for PC, the game promises to be a good time for local brawlers. And it should literally make quite the one-two punch to Streets of Rage 4, which is available starting today. It features local co-op, so you can team up with the dynamic blunt-duo and do some damage to those mall cops. 

So much fun, even Ben Affleck would enjoy it.

The trailer makes the game look like a lot of fun, and we’ll be sure to bring you a full review once it drops on May 7. Save some room on your hard drive, because this one’s gonna be pretty big. (That’s what Jay said.)

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