Gigantosaurus the Game Nintendo Switch review: not quite so Dino-mite

By Published On: April 20, 2020Categories: Gaming

The Disney Jr. television series is now on the Nintendo Switch.

With the evolution of the game industry as we know it, there is one thing we’re not seeing so often nowadays – licensed games. There was a point in time in which every new movie or TV show saw some kind of video game to accompany it. (We’re still trying to figure out how Home Improvement ended up on the Super Nintendo. But anyway…)

These days, they’re more of a dime a dozen, but there’s kind of a reason for that – they don’t nearly have the same amount of substance as more original release. There are exceptions to the rule. However, Gigantosaurus the Game, based on the Disney Jr. series of the same name, isn’t in there. It’s a pleasant enough romp for young kids that enjoy the show or want a little something offbeat in case the Super Mario games aren’t getting the job done. But it’s pretty much forgettable once you beat it within a matter of hours.

Strictly for the Young Set

The game’s plot centers around a group of characters from the show, which players will be able to switch to over the course of their journey. As expected, each one helps out in their own special way, being able to knock down planks to form bridges and other things. It does get a little tedious over time, but younglings won’t mind the variety that’s available with them.

Well, he looks happy for some reason.

Between Bill, Mazu, Tiny and Rocky, you’ll be able to venture into different lands, collecting items and completing missions. There are also side tasks that you can take on, as well as additional things to collect. It can get a little tedious on your own. However, have a few friends to help out in co-op (or maybe family members, as that seems to be preferred) and it becomes a little more fun.

While the game offers up some decent collect-a-thon stuff and engaging level design, it can be a bit too large for its own good. It takes a good while to really get anywhere in Gigantosaurus, which means some players might become bored. What’s more, the lack of any sort of overhead map may lead to a bit of frustration, even though finding objectives isn’t too strenuous.

Step on the Gas…?

Along with the platforming, there’s also kart racing. Because we’re not quite sure why dinos can’t race on their feet. It’s a decent addition, but it’s hardly going to eclipse the greatness of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It’s feasible but hardly preferable.

Racing’s fun, right? Right?

The gameplay doesn’t offer anything amazing, but it’s decent when it comes to pleasing the core audience that Gigantosaurus is aiming at. Young kids might not be looking for a challenge. In that regard, the game does have some recommended aspects. But is it a classic? Not really.

This One Looks and Sounds Ancient

Part of the problem lies with the game’s presentation. It’s just not that imaginative. While the level design can be effective in parts, it’s also way too spaced out. As we mentioned above, it can take a good while to get where you’re going. What’s more, the animation lacks any sort of inspiration – it’s cookie-cutter, at best – and the visual effects aren’t that impressive. In fact, this almost looks like something out of last-gen, on the Wii U. Or maybe even the Wii. Even the cutscenes lack a certain amount of polish.

The gang’s all here, whoever they are.

What’s more, the audio is pretty bland, too. The music is instantly forgettable, save for those that thought the Gigantosaurus show had a great soundtrack. There’s no chatter with characters either, so things get pretty silent pretty quickly.

Back To the Stone Age

In the end, Gigantosaurus just feels like another example of a game that merely exists for its license. The co-op can be fun with the right age group, and there are aspects to the gameplay that are pretty good, though hardly amazing. However, the design is clearly last-gen, and there’s hardly anything here to keep you around for the long haul. Does it make for a good distraction? Sure. But for the same price, you can find way better games that will last longer. Gigantosaurus just feels like a fossil.

RATING: 5/10

A suitable game for young kids, but you can find way more fun fare out there.

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