Kustom Kontrollerz is All About Those Rad Customized Peripherals

Put a personal touch onto your controllers with Kustom Kontrollerz.

There’s a lot of companies out there that are making some pretty sweet custom controllers on the market, including Controller Chaos and others. But one name you should pay particular attention to is Kustom Kontrollerz.

This small but sufficient team has been around for some time, making waves on Twitter and other social channels.  So when they decided to show off some custom designs of what they have in store next, we jumped at the chance to share it with our audience.

Don’t “Mock” This Company

In this particular case, it’s mock-ups that revolve around Venom 2, the upcoming sequel to the Sony blockbuster comic book film. Granted, these aren’t official designs as of yet, but merely test designs that could go into production, provided there’s enough demand for them. But judging by what we’ve seen thus far, the team has some impressive ideas in store.

First is a general design with a not-official Venom 2 logo (but pretty close), along with imagery featuring the tongue-laden character in all his hungry glory. It’s a pretty sweet red and black design, with some white D-pads and buttons thrown in for good measure, for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can see that particular design below.

We…are impressed.

Next up is a Venom vs. Carnage themed controller, to tie in with the potential duel that will come with the sequel should it release on time later this year. As you can see, the design’s a bit similar with the red and black, but this time you see Carnage on the right side of the controller, available in both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One mock-ups.

Here’s a design we can get behind.

These are just two of the designs being offered by the company, as they have a whole webpage filled with ideas. These include an AEW-inspired controller; a sweet black carbon fiber design for those of you that want something simple yet sleek; and even an excellent Marvel’s Avengers inspired controller, which you can see below. For those of you still reeling from the brilliance of Endgame, this just might be what you’re looking for.

Avengers, be awesome!

While the controllers are slightly higher in price than the usual offerings, Johnny Marcos and his team of artists and makers really go all out with comfort in mind. They’ve made everything from Red Dead Redemption 2-inspired controllers (with shotgun shell-based analog sticks!) to a bloody PlayStation 4 controller that, well, seems just about right for horror games. You can shop the company’s full offerings here.

Get Your Own Kustom On

Based on what we’ve seen Kustom Kontrollerz do for celebrities and gaming types in the past, they’ve really gone all out to satisfy those cravings for special controllers on the market. Take a look and see what they can do for you – because it’s quite a bit.

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