Vampire’s Fall: Origins

By Published On: March 25, 2020Categories: Gaming

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is now on the PC.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins started off life as a mobile Isometric RPG but has now found new life on its PC port. Although a lot of the game’s systems are still based on mobile mechanics this is one of those rare jewels that still plays exceptionally well on its PC counterpart, Early Morning Studios have managed a feat few developers have.

The game starts off with you as a lowly recruit in the town called….wait for it….Vamp’Ire (we see what they did there). From there, you are sent off into the wild to carry out various objectives for the townsfolk. These tasks range from “go here and kill something” to “go here and fetch something”, basic RPG gameplay to ease you into the game. Once you have completed a few tasks the village is attacked by the main protagonist and you are transformed into a creature of the night, it’s here that the game truly opens up and sets you on the path of revenge. The game itself is open world and for a mobile game, the maps on offer are quite expansive and give players a plethora of content outside of the main story. There are treasures to be found, hidden bosses to defeat and enough side quests to make Geralt froth at the mouth. A mobile game it may have been but this is a game with big ambitions.

Vampire’s Fall lets you create a character of your own choosing and lets you select from 4 different races Nosferatu, Magistrav, Ranjeni and Equides each with their own “racial” passive ability (e.g. increased gold drop to increased XP gain). Once you pass the initial stages of the game you can then start developing your character to your play style and can expand upon their abilities with various skill trees based on Vitality, Anger and Deceit. For an experienced RPG player, the skill trees may seem a bit basic but there is still plenty of options to try several builds which can include increased brute strength and vitality to incorporating DOT’s. Combat is a turn-based affair with each character choosing an action to be carried out in succession while accruing points to use on your abilities. The enemies in the game can provide quite a challenge and keep you trying out different tactics, this keeps the game consistently refreshing and offers RPG die-hards plenty to do and plenty of difficult foes to overcome.

Some mobile elements of Vampire’s Fall still exist in the PC version.

Being of mobile origin, Vampire’s Fall does still have some of the mobile mechanics in the game, the crafting system is an example of this. To craft a potion or other consumable players have to be in a town and then select what they want to craft, you will then have to wait a set amount of actual time for that item to be crafted. Although the systems are a little basic, they still do not distract from what is a very solid game.

Graphically, there isn’t a lot that’s going to put even the most low-end PCs to work but the developers have done extremely well to create a world and visual style that set’s a somber tone and fits perfectly well with the Gothic story on offer.

Overall, Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a game that offers far more content than you would expect from a mobile game. Early Morning Studios have made a wise choice in porting it over to PC. It would have been a crime to deny this game to a far bigger audience had they not. With challenging combat, extra content galore, enough variation in play styles and a fairly decent story this should be an essential pick up for any indie game fan.

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