DVS Game Preview: BookBound Brigade

By Published On: March 18, 2020Categories: Gaming

Be a part of history with BookBound Brigade.

Do you love history? Do you call yourself a ‘History Buff’? Does the need for platform gaming and history ever arise? Well, with BookBound Brigade your itch may be scratched. Venture into a world where fiction and non-fiction come together. Will you be able to save history in time or will the world of monsters win? Help King Arthur take his mantle back from Cthulhu and other villains wanting their own place in history. 

In a world where historical figures and icons of the century have forgotten who they are, you will have to help them learn their place in history once again! This adorable side scroller game has five non-linear worlds for you to enjoy and search through the ages. Help King Arthur find his way through the castle, touch and read items that will spark these historical figures’ memories. Gather your team and face whatever evils may come between you and the history that needs to be rewritten. 

Venture into a world where history meets fantasy, fight with your historical figures against some of the baddest bad guys written in fiction. Test your mettle as Joan of Arc against the Dark Lord Cthulhu. Along with the historical figures, you’ll run into some massive icons of written history. Nosferatu (Dracula), Frankenstein, ogres, and more fantasy creatures are out to destroy history as we know it! 

Combine your team to make the ultimate combo.

Find new ways to huddle together, that brings out the best in each of your historical characters. Work with one another and explore ways to reach new heights! Teamwork makes the dream work (just try not to let Dracula bite you).  

How will you survive the fall of the ages? Can you bind your team, work together to overcome puzzles and hidden mysteries? In this adorable indy game from developers Digital Tales, available on PS4, Switch and PC you can expect all the same greatness from previous Metroidvania games! Scour through puzzles, join quests and become the hero of History in BookBound Brigade

Join us again in the next few weeks for a gameplay review of BookBound Brigade

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