PowerA Doom Eternal Enhanced Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller review: Hell in your hands

It’s kind of odd to be going after a Doom Eternal branded accessory for Nintendo Switch when the game isn’t even out for it yet. (It’s been delayed to sometime later this year.) But, hey, at the very least, it’ll make your first session with Animal Crossing: New Horizons interesting, yeah?

Still, that hasn’t stopped PowerA from releasing a pair of Doom Eternal-branded controllers for the Switch, including one bathed in black and white colors with the unstoppable Doomguy on it, as well as a blood red and black one with a hint of demon power and the game’s official logo. Both of them are the same in performance, so it doesn’t matter which way you go when it comes to how they handle. But the real question is if they’re worth the $50.

No Rumble, but lots of action

First off, one thing you should know about PowerA’s controllers for Switch is that they don’t have the HD Rumble support, like Nintendo’s Pro Controllers have. As a result, they may feel a little light – and in some cases, hollow. That may let down some of you that are looking for some weight behind the controller, which could’ve easily been added here.

That said, the way it plays isn’t too shabby at all. The controller connects easily to your Switch via wireless Bluetooth and runs for up to 30 hours on a pair of AA batteries. We had no problem adjusting to a number of games with this thing, as it performs pretty remarkably with barely any lag to speak of.

This thing handles like a champ, for the most part.

The controller also features an LED light-up on the bottom, so you can coordinate your position in the game; as well as a low battery warning system that’s fairly easy to see. Again, that’s after you get so many hours of play out of it in the first place. There’s value here.

A good handling controller

Overall, the PowerA Enhanced wireless controller handles pretty well. Again, no lag, and the analog sticks, while not as smooth as the ones on the Pro Controller, are comfortable and easy to get into. The face buttons are also worthwhile, if not as “mushy” as on other controllers; and I actually like both the shoulder and trigger buttons on this one. They perform differently than on other controllers, but still decently enough that you won’t miss out on shooting, acceleration or whatever else you use them for.

And what’s really neat are the two rear buttons you’ll find on the bottom of the pad. These are actually programmable, so you can set up extra functions depending on what you’re in the mood for. Me, personally, I set up extra flipper action with The Pinball Arcade, as well as fast-paced shooting with something along the lines of Doom 64. The buttons are somewhat small but still admirable – and fairly easy to use. It’s nice to have them here.

Not the best controller around, but a good value if you don’t mind missing Rumble

Obviously, we’re still going to say the Pro Controller is the best one out on the market, just because Nintendo knows it so well. That said, however, if you’re all things Doom or just need a special controller with the right level of functionality, PowerA’s accessories hit the spot. Sure, they’re pricier than the usual $25 fare, but you get wireless freedom that handles pretty well, along with excellent longevity from its battery supply. Plus, on top of that, the Doomdesigns are outstanding (especially the one with Doomguy) and the extra buttons on the bottom really go a long way.

Those rear buttons, tho.

So if Doom is your thing and you’re bummed about Eternal not being on your platform, give these peripherals a try. They’re not nearly as hellish as they let on.

RATING: 8.0/10

Solid controller performance and extra buttons make the PowerA Doom line go a long way.

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