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20 Tips To Drastically Improve Your PUBG Gameplay

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

There’s a lot of hidden tricks and basic info that could give you an edge next time you play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

No-ones ever going to assume that there isn’t an insanely difficult learning curve to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The lack of any tutorial at all is a symptom of this, but the learning curve goes well beyond the basics of how to walk, loot and shoot. There are plenty of mechanics to the game that aren’t ever stated but offer a significant advantage if played around. This list of tips of isn’t comprehensive or final, but there’s a lot of things that will improve your chances of winning a chicken dinner.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

1. Never assume houses are unoccupied. When arriving in a new area, you need to assume that there’s someone in the houses you’ve just arrived to loot. Open doors mean someone has at least been there, so there’s no loot of note to find but closed doors don’t automatically mean the buildings are empty. Any PUBG player worth their salt will make sure to close the doors of the building they’re camping in, but few players will bother closing the interior doors. If you can see doors inside open, you can assume that it was at best looted and at worst infested with an enemy squad.

As for how to actually play around occupied houses, it means not rushing into the buildings (unless under fire from elsewhere and needing cover) and checking your corners in third person. You should also be able to hear people move around from outside, and once you do you can assess whether taking the building is worth it. While playing aggressive is a great mindset to be in, the inherent advantages of third person make doing so against people camping in a building a lot more dangerous. If you don’t need the cover, you can set up on a nearby hill between them and the next circle and force them to come to you.

2. Grass despawns at long rangeWhile grass is a huge pain at the medium and short range, it completely doesn’t render at longer distances. Trying to hide amongst grass when your opponent is a fair distance away will do nothing except make you a sitting duck.

3. Don’t lie down when you’re getting shot. 75% of the time people lie down after getting shot is incorrect. Taking cover is always better than lying flat in a field, especially since grass doesn’t render at long range. The only time it’s correct to lie down when taking fire is if you know where they are and lying down will put cover (like a hill) between you and them.

4. Remember the plane’s trajectory. When planning where to go as the circle slowly contracts, it really helps to remember where the plane went initially. Any major settlements near the flight path are definitely going to be looted and the closer to that flight path the greater the chance of running into someone. You can use a map marker, placed where the plane spawned, to remember where it went.

5. You run faster unarmed or with a pistol out. It’s not a huge boost, but putting your guns away will increase your speed a small amount. There’s no difference between holding a pistol, being unarmed or holding a grenade, so ideally you’d want a pistol out so have some weapon ready. This extra boost is handy when getting across open areas and running from the blue, but you wouldn’t want to use it inside or to rush someone. On the topic of being super fast, you swim faster underwater (and also can’t be dealt damage while underwater, since water stops bullets very effectively).

6. You can bind the jump-crouch to a single key. So, crouching and jumping at about the same time lets you jump a lot higher than a normal jump. It allows you to get through windows and over fences a lot easier. You try it the hard way and try hit both at the same time, or you can just bind it so one button does it for you. The video below shows you how, though if you can also edit the config file if this isn’t working for you, or the keys you want don’t work with this method (which is actually very simple).

7. There’s a lot of extra key options to utilize. Outside of the basic 1-4 keys to change weapons, there’s a lot of very useful keys to use in PUBG. For example, hitting the grenade slot key (default is 5) will cycle through your grenades, without having to open your inventory to change it manually. 7-0 are your meds as well, 7 being a Med Kit, 8 is a First Aid Kit, 9 is bandages and 0 is any stims (defaulting to the best one first). You’ve also got control 1-5 to switch seats in a car, in case you got into the wrong seat of a car or boat, or suddenly need to shoot but getting out would take too long.

Although its a default in every shooter, holding shift will steady any scope until your character runs out of breath (the lung symbol right of your health bar). By default, your character also runs when moving around (this is not the same as sprinting). Holding control while moving while slow your character to a walking pace, and drastically reduce the sound of your footsteps. While standing you still make a footstep noise every few steps, but while crouching it’s almost entirely silent.

8. Pointing your character straight down while parachuting will get you the fast drop of 234 km/h. The maximum speed you can get while parachuting is 234 km/h, which will then give you the maximum speed when your parachute actually deploys. You want to get this 234 km/h speed for the extra speed it gets you in the final stage of landing, and because getting on the ground first means you have a gun before anyone else lands (or at least, you land at the same time as everyone else). When trying to figure out when to drop, remember you move about two map squares forwards when holding W after pulling your chute. So you don’t want to eject from the plane right over the target, but rather a bit before it.

Playerunknown Battlegrounds Battle Royale

9. The greater your boost, the greater the speed boost. Stimulants (energy drinks, painkillers, adrenaline syringes) give you a level of boost (the orange bar that appears above your health bar). At or below 50% boost, it gives you a healing buff dependant on what gave you the boost (So a syringe heals the most, and painkillers heal more than an energy drink). At 51% to 89%, it gives a 2.5% increase to your speed, but between 90-100% boost, it gives a 6.2% speed boost. Running unarmed with max boost is the fastest you can get in the game, and it’s really damn fast. If you can’t find a vehicle, pop some stims and start legging it.

10. Don’t spam bandages to get the most out of them. Bandages heal you slowly, unlike Med-Kits and First-Aid kits. The white bar is what it will heal you over the course of the entire bandage. If you immediately apply a bandage after applying another, it’ll waste about half of the bandage. It’s more efficient to wait about three seconds then apply the next bandage.

11. Spacebar is a brake, not just your reverse button. The actual brake button for a car is spacebar; it’s no faster than holding W but you won’t start going backward if you hold it for too long, and the brake works when you’ve got no fuel left and need to get out of the car ASAP.

Holding shift also gives most vehicles a speed boost at the cost of more fuel. The effects of this vary from car to car. When trying to conserve fuel in the buggy, for example, the boost is mostly acceleration so once you’ve hit a flat plain it’s not needed. The UAZ and Dacia both get a higher top speed from the boost, however, so it’s needed to go as fast as possible.

12. Use the flight controls for the motorcycle midair. Q and E are for rolling left and right (so you don’t land on the sidecar), and control and space pitch the vehicle backward and forwards respectively. The motorcycle is the fastest vehicle in the game, it just has an annoying tendency to clip on nothing flip over and kill you instantly.

13. Exiting a vehicle that’s moving will deal a lot of damage. Getting out of a car that’s still going anywhere above 20km/h is either a large chunk of your health gone or straight to dead/knocked out. Below 20km/h the damage is minimal to none though, so once below that threshold, you can eject.

14. 7.62mm ammo moves a lot slower than 5.56mm. There’s a big muzzle velocity difference between the 7.62 guns (Kar98K, SKS, AK-47) and the 5.56 guns (M16, M416, Scar-L), with the 7.62 guns having an average bullet speed of 800m/s and the 5.56mm guns having an average closer to 900. Detailed weapon stats can be found here. What this means in terms of gameplay is that you need to lead your shots more with 7.62mm rounds than you do with 5.56mm guns. The VSS is slower than all of these, with a bullet speed of 330, so it’s even worse for long range shooting.

15. Hold right to aim better while staying in third person. Aiming down trades accuracy for the advantages of third person, like being able to see around corners. Holding down right mouse (by default) will make your hip fire spread tighter while still staying in third person. It’ll also put a red circle on the wall if you would shoot into the wall aiming where you are currently. On the topic of ‘neat things for close quarters’, you can tap Q and E to switch what shoulder you’re aiming from.

16. Use Alt to look around without moving your head. This is both useful when parachuting to see how many people are landing with you and where everyone else is landing and to keep an eye on your surroundings with having to move and make noise. Whenever you start a fight with someone, you should expect someone else to hear it and try to join in.

17. Always upgrade your helmet. The durability doesn’t matter for helmets, it’s the quality. A level 1 helmet won’t stop a one-shot headshot kill from most ARs, whilst a Level 2 helmet will make a Kar98K shot do exactly 99 damage to your head. A 1 durability Level 3 is better than a 100 durability level 1 helmet basically.

18. Try binding the zeroing options to the mouse wheel. Zeroing your weapon means not having to adjust for bullet drop, but the default option of Pg Up and Pg Down are too out of the way to use in a firefight easily. If the target is 200m away, putting the zeroing to 200m means you aim for their head and it’ll hit right on the reticule. As for how to zero your guns properly, one square on the map is 100 meters. Leaving your long range gun on 200m is also fine for zeroing.

19. Don’t risk your life to save a teammate. While it’s obviously better to have more people alive than less, you need to make sure picking them up won’t get you killed in the process. And the smaller the circles get in the game, stopping to pick someone up gets more and more dangerous. This isn’t a TV military show, where ‘no-one gets left behind’. Casualties happen, kill the person who downed them first or make sure you’re in cover before trying to pick them up. Listen for footsteps as well, if they move on stop the revive and kill them.

20. Drop your backpack in a circle that’s ending in a wheat field. In contrast to the previous point, you can make yourself even more invisible in a wheat field by ditching your backpack. Your utility belt and armor give you carrying capacity, enough to carry some spare clips and some first-aid kits. Not being spotted by your level 3 bag sticking up above the wheat is pretty handy. Note that anyone who’s above the wheat (on a hill, in a two story building) can see through wheat pretty easily anyway.

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