RUST, first thoughts.


RUST, first thoughts.

I’d like to go ahead and share my thoughts on Rust with you fine folks.

I have been wanting this game since the day it was put on Steam. Maybe it was because I could be a full blown naked dude running like a wolf in the wild howling at the moon and surprising people by whacking them in the face with my rock.

But, someone gifted it to me last night so I decided to download it and get brave. Usually I am too scared to play games like this.. not really having to deal with other players but because I become quite attached to my stuff and I REALLY hate knowing I could lose it all.

The server I am playing on is very helpful. One player showed me the ropes and then took me to the giant house he was building. He showed me how to craft things and what to do with certain items.

It’s very quick to catch on even without the help. After I learned the basics and how to kill zombies, animals, and players I decided to go out on my own and work on gathering materials.

I gathered enough wood to build a two story shack and then gather stone, metal, and rock to build a furnace, work bench and camp fire. I cooked my meals and even made a pistol, ammo, hatchet, and bow as well as a full set of clothing.

After I had ALL kinds of goodies it started to get dark.. well I accidentally fell off the roof of my house onto a rock near the ocean and died.

I was very pissed off with myself for about an hour as I slowly re-gathered materials to make new weapons.. and to hunt for food.. but it wasn’t so bad because I still had my house and all the things I put in it. But I was still a bit mad at myself for falling off of a building. I mean I WOULD fall off of something and die instead of getting shot by another player. This is just how things work for me!

After re-making all the items I lost I decided to make some storage crates in my home to stash all my materials in. So I then set back out with my gun, bow, and hatchet to explore a bit. I ended up  killing a dozen zombies and found a few blueprints (which when you learn them they stay with you forever.. so when you die you still know how to make the item.) Also found a really nice pair of boots, a pick axe, flares, shot gun ammo, and a bunch of other stuff.

Night came. I died in the dark again due to trying to run back to my home but I was so lost I ended up in a high radiation town filled with zombies.

Thankfully you can respawn in the house you made if you put a sleeping bag down.

Tomorrow it looks like I will be working on making all new armor and weapons because I lost mine.

In the end.. even though I lost all my loot several times I still had fun and played for about 7 hours today. Due to my server being made up of really cool people I was only killed by another player once.. and that was the first time I logged on. I let them know I was friendly and no one bothered me.

I’d say if you’re planning to buy this game and don’t want to play with a lot of toxic players please let me know and I will toss you server information to the one I am on.


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  • Superdvs
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 17:06 pm

    this game has so much to offer it is amazing.

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